August 2022

The record compilations were made for Zsolt Madaråsz's "Lemeze16" programme broadcast on Bart6k Radio every Sunday at 4pm — not every week with Éva, of course — and only an edited version of each of them was included in the programme. I hope that we have managed to present Éva's wide-ranging work, which is less well known to the Hungarian audience. It took four to five months to put together a 'bunch of records'. Apart from a few studio recordings, the introduction of Éva's work was done exclusively through live recordings — various private, radio, television, or other recordings. One such exception is the first album, "Men I loved to or would have liked to sing with", where the compilation includes studio recordings. At first it started out as a normal "Lemeze16" interview show, but Zsolt soon championed my idea of creating such a series — reflecting on Éva Marton's career through live recordings — and the idea was supported by the management of Bart6k Radio as well. I am really grateful for them.

September 2020

The 4th Éva Marton International Singing Competition had a record number of nearly three hundred entries this year; the majority of the young applicants submitted outstanding video recordings, and thus the jury selected an unusually high number of competitors, 116 in total, for the semi-finals. However, we will all have to wait one year for the young sopranos, mezzos, altos, tenors, baritones and basses to demonstrate and match their skills live, as the all-out contest is scheduled to begin in late August 2021. We sat down to talk about the competition being postponed and how this was received by the singers, as well as the consequences of all this with Éva Marton, who also told us how she herself put up with the months of quarantine.